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Boat Products & Inflatables

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Boating Products & Inflatables

We carry a variety of boating products and equipment, including: inflatables, kayaks, paddleboats, and more! Products can be purchased or rented. Visit our store in Lake Geneva or contact us for more details about current available products.



Karve Kayak

This is not your average kayak! The Krave kayak doubles as a paddle board and is perfect for people on the go. It’s easily transportable, stable and lightweight. Just blow it up and you’re ready to fish, get in a work out or relax on the water.

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The Loon

Made from bamboo, The Loon is extremely durable, yet lightweight. This makes it easy to transport the board on and off vehicles, as well as down to the water.

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The Portager

The made to move paddle board is Paddle North’s most popular board because of its portability and versatility. It is the highest performing inflatable paddle board on the market and you will not be disappointed.

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Zen Inflatable SUP

Added thickness brings more stability to your next paddle, but you don’t need to be zen master to enjoy it. Why not bring your dog? Or pack an extra cooler? Enjoy the zen!

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Utility Dock

This multipurpose inflatable dock is a necessity! It can be used as a swim raft, sun deck or even a launch point for kayaks. Need to work on your boat? It’s robust and rigid enough to keep you stable. It’s even dog friendly and folds up to 1/4 of its size when you’re done.

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Utility Raft

This raft known as the little brother to the Utility Dock and Utility Dock XL but still has all the same thrills. Constructed from the same material, this isn’t your typical inflatable toy. It’s incredibly durable and gets extremely rigid.

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Lake Float

The Lake Float is the ultimate water toy as you can create a dock in the middle of the water. The surface of the foam is treated with a strengthening outer membrane process for maximum surface protection. The interior of the Lake Float includes a tear stop nylon inner rebar matrix that prevents rips and punctures. Great for kids and families for fun on the water.

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REEF Inflatable Mat

The sturdiest water mats on the market, the REEF mat inflates perfectly to support whatever type of fun you can throw at them. Stand, jump, climb, and play around all day long without ever worrying it’ll sink, bend, flip or deflate. Super rigid, yet soft on your toes.

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Reef Hex Inflatable Mat

Stand, jump, climb, and play around all day long without ever worrying it’ll sink, bend, flip or deflate.

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Ewave V2-6000 Jetboard

EWAVE Jet Boards are easy to ride, quiet, reliable, and eco-friendly. With a top speed of 35 mph, the EWAVE packs plenty of power and can operate for up to 45 minutes on a single charge.


Sentry Boat Fender

SENTRY Fenders are an innovative boat bumper solution that quickly attaches to boat cleats and docks. Unlike traditional bumpers, they’re designed to fit the shape of your boat while offering protection above & below the rub rail.

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Titan Boat Tie-up Fender

TITAN fenders act as a barrier between your boat and the wind, waves and people dangers floating around it. TITAN is the last line of defense during busy, chaotic tie-ups that put even the best boat fenders to the test.

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Aluminum Kayak/SUP Hybrid Paddle

This specially designed paddle is constructed of four aluminum pieces for mix-and-match paddling setups. It has multiple configurations and can be used for kayaking, canoeing, or stand up paddling.

Paddle North SUP Leash

It is an ankle tether used to strap the paddler to any stand up paddle board. If a paddler jumps or falls off their board, the board will not float away. The Ankle Tether also works great as a mooring bungee, securing the board down to a dock or platform when not in use.


Insulated Dry Cooler Bag

Keep items dry or drinks cold in this insulated bag. It can hold up to 24 cans with ice and stays cold for 24 to 48 hours.


TUKO Beach 4 Pack Towels

TUKO Towels absorb more water than cotton and stow small, saving valuable space on the boat or in your bag.

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Karve Kayak
Karve Kayak

Price: $1,399

Description: The 12’ kayak is a single person paddle craft, supporting up to 350 lbs. Which makes it great for fishing, recreational paddling, exercise, and exploring. Bring a dog or fishing gear and go with its collapsible design and included roller bag.

The Karve’s dual air chamber design revolves around our four primary paddle principles:

  1. Tracking: Tracking is the holy grail of paddling and is the primary focus of the Karve. From it’s aggressive displacement hull shape to the 12” removable fin – this kayak tracks extremely straight.
  2. Balance: Well balanced to handle extreme water resistance.
  3. Durability: The kayak is inflatable, but doesn’t feel like it. It’s extremely rigid and forgiving on the water. Backed by our full 2-year warranty.
  4. Lightweight: For this size of Kayak, it is extremely light.
The Loon
Loon Paddle

Price: $1,099

Description: Bamboo has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any natural fiber. This allows for an extremely durable, yet lightweight board construction.

Paddle North bamboo boards, made with real bamboo, weigh at least 15% less than boards made only from fiberglass, 25%+ less than wood strip boards and 50%+ less than plastic boards of comparable size. This makes it easy to transport the board on and off vehicles, as well as down to the water.

The Portager
The Portager

Price: $999

  • Board dimensions inflated: 11’6″ x 33″ x 6″ and feels extremely rigid.
  • Time to inflate: ~5-7 minutes with included dual action hand pump.
  • Board dimensions deflated: 33″ x 10″ in diameter roll, 37″ x 18″ x 10″ when in bag with all accessories.
  • Time to deflate: ~2-3 minutes to get it from fully inflated to back in the bag.
  • Board weight: 21 lbs. – this not a typo, it is our lightest board.
  • Board capacity: Up to 350 lbs.
  • Durability: This board is kid proof, dog proof, rapid proof and is very stiff.
Utility Dock
Utility Dock

Price: $799-$899

Two Sizes:
9’x6’ (6” thickness)
12’x6’ (6” thickness)

  • Anchor it as a swim raft out on the lake all season.
  • Tow it at an idle speed behind the boat, then use it as a sun deck out at the sand bar.
  • Connect it to your dock to create a user friendly, water level launch point for kayaks, paddle boards or jet skis.
  • Set up as a patio on the water to relax in chairs, sun tan, fish, improve your yoga poses, or even eat lunch.
  • Recreate your kitchen table in waist deep water for card games, happy hour, fish stories and more.
  • Flip it over, soap it up and slip-and-slide all day long.
  • Bring tools to wash your boat, work on the engine or set you boat lift in place.
Utility Raft
Utility Raft

Price: $499

  • Size: 8’x3’
  • Smallest inflatable float
  • Incredibly durable and gets extremely rigid to allow for various activities including fitness, yoga, or to anchor as a swim raft for kids, dogs and adults.
  • Includes: 8′ x 3′ Utility Raft, Double Action Manual Pump, Carry and Storage Straps, and Repair Kit.
Lake Float
Lake Float

Price: $399-499

Two Sizes:

Description: Constructed for durability out of of premium closed cell foam. The surface of the foam is treated with a strengthening outer membrane process for maximum surface protection. The interior of the Lake Float includes a tear stop nylon inner rebar matrix that prevents rips & punctures. Great for kids and families who want to have fun on the water.

REEF Inflatable Mat

Price: $598-$1,489


Each REEF Purchase Includes:
One REEF Mat, Double-action pump, Storage bag, Repair kit (just in case)

Sentry Boat Fender

Price: $68

SENTRY Fenders measure 22” tall x 9” wide x 5.5” thick

4 Colors:
Almost Black
Averse Grey
Blue Lagoon
Atomic Yellow

MISSION Titan Boat Tie-up Fender

Price: $298

Each TITAN purchase includes:
10′ long x 18″ wide TITAN fender, Mesh storage bag, Repair kit, Instructions

Zen Inflatable SUP

Price: $778

Inflated dimensions: 12’ x 32” x 5” ; 31.5 lbs.

Construction: The ZEN’s 6 inches of inflatable thickness with a knit drop-stitch core, and two extra side fins, give you the max float and stability of the TRIDENT iSUP line.

Durability: Dual-layer construction delivers twice as much material on every surface for maximum durability.

Paddle options: The ZEN does not come with an included paddle – allowing you to make your own decision. We offer two options: ALUMINUM and CARBON FIBER.

Included in purchase: Every purchase includes a TRIDENT Zen iSUP, fin, high-pressure manual pump, and a backpack storage bag with roller wheels.

Reef Hex Inflatable Water Mat

Price: $1,298-$1,398

REEF HEX comes in 3 sizes and comfortably accommodates 5+ adults

Each REEF HEX Purchase Includes:
One REEF HEX Mat, Double-action pump, Storage bag, Repair kit (just in case)

TUKO Beach 4 Pack Towels

Price: $68

Description: An integrated strap serves double duty securely attaching the towel to a boat tower for drying and rolls up nicely. Towels come in a convenient water-resistant carrying case. Premium 365gsm microfiber.